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  • About Me

    Born in Shanghai. I have worked at the China Accounting Vision website, a division of Shanghai National Accounting Institute, for over 16 years. I love painting since my younger ages. I received my Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from China Academy of Art, and Master degree in Software Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

    I was awarded with the third-class scholarship for my excellent academic performance and had multiple paintings accepted into university gallery. My works were on exhibition during the 1999 Asia Packaging Design Festival. And my design works were selected for the Undergraduate Graphic Design Competition in 2000. Additionally, my electronic paintings had been chosen for the excellence collection of the 2000 Asia Pacific Art Award.

    I have won the Award of Excellent Employee multiple times at Shanghai National Account Institute. I’m attention to detail, love to explore, and eager to learn new technologies.

    Through this website I’m hoping to connect to more people who share the same interest as me.

  • Other Capabilities

    2016-2017 As host of the forums

    I have planned four knowledge sharing forums and served as the host.

    My Chinese paintings

    I learned calligraphy from childhood, but I didn't have the chance to learn Chinese painting. In 2016, I began to learn Chinese painting.

    In the process, I realized that Chinese painting is an art of water, and it is not allowed to change. For this point, the Chinese painting is very difficult, but I really enjoy the process of painting.

  • Contact Me

    If you have the intention of cooperation, you can leave a message for me.